Snake with 4 modules climbs stairs

Swerve drive with 4 modules

Swerve drive with 8 modules


What is VSPARC? It stands for Verification, Simulation, Programming And Robot Construction.

Design configurations and behaviors for our modular robot system. Simulate your designs or the designs of others. We will use these designs to control the SMORES modular robots

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What can you do with VSPARC?

Design your own configurations and behaviors or try out designs from other users. Simulate the robots in different environments and see how they perform.

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Try out VSPARC today! No installation required.

Windows Mac OS Linux

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Please report any bugs here.

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Design robots for various tasks

Design your own robots with our modular robot system to achieve various challenging tasks.Design behaviors or have the system auto-generate behaviors based on your specifications.

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Simulate in a physics engine

Powered by Unity3d, VSPARC allows you to simulate the designed robot in a physics engine.

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Save and share online

Save and share your designs online with other users. Try out designs from other users.

Getting started

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